A Selection from the 90's (click to see game)

A person may think he can or cannot accomplish a task. In both cases he'll be right
Henry Ford
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Salov was top 5 in 1991-92

And I was winning twice with Black!
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A fantastic KG. This photo, in Benasque 15 years later….
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No. 1 seed in Cadiz 1991.


The Yugoslavs were going crazy in the post-mortem
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A nicely played league game…
Arriving 10 min late and not knowing my opponent was an IM
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Oviedo was a FANTASTIC tourney

He was still young then!
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The game went late into the night (12.30 am) so I was more interested in finishing!

He beat San Segundo on the following day
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She did not take loosing well… But my friends were elated!
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I was brave then - no time and tried to mate!
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Same tournament - and black pieces too!

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Wearing a tie, since I was working...
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  • Javier Esquivias
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    Javier's three games vs International Master Santiago Roa. The first one he won (was lost), the other two he lost although he was winning in one and drawing the other. Chess...

  • M. Truran
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    Michael was a friendly opponent that managed to beat me most of the times. My only draw the 30' game in Stroud, a tournament we were both leading in the final round (4.5/5). He was a good help in the 'analysis before adjudication' of my first ever county match (Somerset-Devon)
  • Paco de la Fuente
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    To be fair, Paco has beaten me on both games he played as black, with his (in)famous Petroff… But I played too horribly to include here, dropping things left, right and centre...